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14th Annual RACEiver Legends Nationals

Frequently Asked Questions 


Will we be allowed to stay over night in the pits in our motor home or if we will have to unhook and move some place else?

No overnight camping will be permitted in the pit area. You must unhook and go to the camping section in the main parking lots.  

Is there space for campers on the speedway grounds?

Yes, we have a spacious parking lot along with a dump station for motorhomes.  

What gears do competitors run at the track?

3.42 in 4th....some of the guys are running 3.90s in 5th.   

Are Raceivers required?

Yes they are. We are unsure at this time if there will be any rentals available.  

Are transponders required?

Yes they will be. Lake Erie will have transponders to rent for the event for a small fee.  

Can I reserve a parking spot?

Yes, please see the flyer titled COMPETITOR VIP SPONSOR PACKAGE FOR LEGENDS NATIONALS for full information on the package we have available.  

What is the age limit for the pits?

Any age. The parent or guardian must file a minor’s release with the gate staff upon arrival. Price is the same for any age.

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